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Tigerr Benson - Video 2 Pt 2Click here to play the trailer
Duration - 8:55 mins
featuring: Tigerr Benson

This punter gets Tigerr to lay back on the bed, spread her seamed stockinged legs wide and then use her fingers to open up her hot sticky cunt.
He instructs her to rub her pussy lips and her clit before telling this slut to pick up a vibrator off the bedside table, turn it on and gently rub it all over her throbbing clit before sinking into her juice coated fuckhole. After letting her do this for while he gets her to put the toy back on her clit and use her fingers to carry on fucking her pussy.
This horny business man isn't finished with her yet though and tells Tigerr to pick up the bottle of lube from the table, pour some on her fingers and rub it into her tight little arsehole....

Sofia - Gallery 1Click here to sample this gallery
Contains - 72 images
featuring: Sofia

A gallery featuring 72 images of the lovely Sofia

Tigerr Benson - Video 2 Pt 1
Duration - 7:48 mins
featuring: Tigerr Benson

Away on business, we find this guy alone and bored in his hotel waiting for the escort he's hired to arrive at his room.
Tigerr arrives and isn't quite sure what to expect. All she knows is that she's had to dress as her client desires which includes fully fashioned seamed stockings, a basque and high heeled shoes. Removing her coat to reveal these garments, he gets her to turn around and bend over so he can inspect the goods. He likes what he sees and then gets this nyloned slut to turn around and show him her big juicy tits, telling her to pull and squeeze her nice hard nipples.
It's an easy booking for Tigerr so far as all this guy wants to do is to watch and wank as he gives her instructions as to exactly what she must do....

Tracey Lain - Video 6 Pt 3
Duration - 5:38 mins
featuring: Tracey Lain

There's no stopping this guy now as he gets Tracey on her back with her stockinged legs spread nice and wide.
Using a combination of vibrators and dildos he really pounds both holes of this filthy fucking slut, first one at a time and then both together. He gets her bent almost double with her boot clad legs up in the air as he rams her cunt and arse with several different toys.
With her pussy dripping in juice and her stink pipe greased up with lube this horny tart just can't get enough and when this randy bloke finally stops, Tracey uses her own fingers to carry on fucking her arse and stretching it open to give you a better view....

Tracey Lain - Video 6 Pt 2Click here to play the trailer
Duration - 6:07 mins
featuring: Tracey Lain

Our guy gets this stockinged slut face down on the bed and uses some rope to secure her ankles to the bed frame.
He gives her arse a few more slaps before picking up a vibrator and shoving it inside her hot greasy cunt. He fucks her hole, twisting the toy as he pushes it in and out, making this horny bitch moan and groan. When it's covered in her pussy juice he takes it out and slides it straight up her arse which this filthy bitch fucking loves. With the toy still in her shitter this randy guy picks up the toy he used to gag her with and shoves it in her cunt for some DP action.
He hasn't finished with Miss Lain yet and after putting a slim pink vibrator up her fart pipe, he stretches it good and wide with a big thick glass toy....

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