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Amber Jayne - Video 3 Pt 2Click here to play the trailer
Duration - 7:29 mins
featuring: Amber Jayne

After climbing onto her kitchen worktop, Amber Jayne gets on all fours with her dress pulled up, exposing her fabulous creamy arse cheeks.
Her Landlord gets a real eyeful of her curvy bottom as well as her long shapely legs encased in the fine denier RHT nylons and strappy stiletto heels. This stockinged slut loves to tease this horny guy and is determined to pay off her rent by any means possible so she can't resist when he tells her to rub and finger her pussy.
When she discovers he has a foot fetish she slips off her heels and holds her nylon clad feet up to his face so he can bury his face in them, encouraging him to lick and sniff her soles and toes....

Nicola - Gallery 1Click here to sample this gallery
Contains - 65 images
featuring: Nicola Kiss

A gallery featuring 65 images of the lovely Nicola Kiss

Amber Jayne - Video 3 Pt 1
Duration - 7:24 mins
featuring: Amber Jayne

After a night out with the girls, Amber Jayne returns back to her apartment a little bit merry and is met there by her Landlord.
He's called around as Amber is way behind with her rent and isn't best pleased when he discovers that as well as spending money on booze, she's also splashed out on the new dress she's wearing and her copper/black RHT stockings. He tells this tipsy tart that if she hasn't got the money she owes then she'd better think of another way to settle her debt.
Amber Jayne soon catches on to what this guy expects and begins teasing and flirting with glimpses up her dress and down her low top at her ample cleavage. This is just what this lecherous Landlord wants to see and encourages her to climb up onto her kitchen worktop to improve his view....

Chloe Lovette - Video 5 Pt 3
Duration - 8:58 mins
featuring: Chloe Lovette

Dirty Mr.Prodder continues with his blackmailing of this filthy young slut and passes her a huge thick dildo that he tells her to use.
Chloe is shocked at the size of it and says it's far too big for her tight little hole but this guy is having none of it and tells her to suck on it to get it nice and wet. After stretching her upper lips it's time to stretch the ones down below and after greasing up her pussy lips with some lube, Chloe gently eases the massive cock into her fuckhole. She slowly moves it in and out but pleads with Mr.Prodder to let her use her little silver vibrator on her clit instead.
Being the decent fairminded chap he is he agrees and watches as this naughty stockinged tart opens up her dripping cunt with one hand while bringing herself to orgasm with her tiny toy. For the time being Prodder is satisfied but no doubt he'll be back for more of young Chloe....

Chloe Lovette - Video 5 Pt 2Click here to play the trailer
Duration - 10:13 mins
featuring: Chloe Lovette

Mr.Prodder tells this naughty young stockinged slut to get on all fours on the bed so he can take a better look at her lovely bare arse cheeks.
He decides that a little punishment may be in order and as luck would have it he just happens to have a leather paddle with him which he hands over to Chloe. He makes her whack her own bottom before telling her to put it down and use her hands to spread her cheeks nice and wide so he can get check out her wet pussy and tight little bum hole.
Although she tries to convince him otherwise, this randy neighbour knows just what a little tart Chloe is and soon has her fingering her pussy from behind before turning over onto her back with her shapely stockinged legs opened wide. Mr.Prodder wants to see that young cunt stretched a bit wider and passes Chloe a dildo and tells her to fuck that hole....

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