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Axa Jay - Gallery 2Click here to sample this gallery
Contains - 89 images
featuring: Axa Jay

A gallery featuring 89 images of the lovely Axa Jay

Jess - Video 2 Pt 1Click here to play the trailer
Duration - 5:30 mins
featuring: Jess

After his wife goes off on a shopping spree this guy is just sat chilling in his hotel room when there's a knock at the door.
It's the chambermaid who has come to tidy up the room and sets about dusting the furniture while this lucky guest gets to sit and watch her in action. Dressed in a black maids outfit with fully fashioned seamed stockings and peep toe mules, this saucy young wench gives this guy an eyeful as she bends over and he can't help mentioning how much he loves her hosiery. Inviting her to sit on the bed and rest her weary legs she takes him up on his offer and slips off her shoes to give her aching feet a massage.
Realising his wife won't be back until his credit card has been beaten into submission, he suggests that Jess unwinds a little bit more by laying back on the bed as he sits and enjoys the view....

Tammie Lee - Video 2 Pt 3
Duration - 5:37 mins
featuring: Tammie Lee

Picking up a flesh coloured rubber cock, Tammie puts it in her mouth to get it nice and wet before slipping it inside her moist fuckhole.
Getting back on all fours this slutty bitch slides the toy into her pussy while shoving her bum high into the air. She uses her other hand to stretch open her pale pink cunt lips and give you a better look at the action as she pleasures herself. Removing the cock Tammie then uses both hands to pull her arse cheeks wide apart, tempting you to stick your own cock into either hole and fuck her good and hard.
It's time for something bigger and after lubing up her cunt she soon has a thick veiny dildo pounding in and out until she comes all down the shaft, what a filthy stockinged slut?!....

Tammie Lee - Video 2 Pt 2
Duration - 5:12 mins
featuring: Tammie Lee

Still wearing her 5" heel patent leather strappy sandals, Tammie lays back on the settee and lifts her lovely long legs up into the air.
We get a fabulous view of her big curvy arse cheeks as well as the seams on her fully fashioned stockings, from the thick dark welt all the way up to her heels. After lowering her legs she opens them wide and pulls her silky knickers tight against her pussy lips before turning over onto all fours to give you an ever better look.
Standing up with her back to the camera this filthy slut slowly pulls down her black panties then uses both hands to spread those cheeks and open up her hot wet cunt. You get so close you can almost smell her juices...go on, stick your tongue in there!
Tammie certainly needs something in her hole and sitting back down on the settee she once again spreads her glorious gams and slides a few fingers into her pussy....

Megan Coxxx - Gallery 2Click here to sample this gallery
Contains - 84 images
featuring: Megan Coxxx

A gallery featuring 84 images of the lovely Megan Coxxx

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