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Sadie - Video 3 Pt 2Click here to play the trailer
Duration - 8:01 mins
featuring: Sadie

After giving Billy's cock a good sucking, Sadie decides she'd like a bit of oral herself and this randy plumber soon has laid on her back with his head between her stockinged legs.
Flicking his tongue over her clit he soon has this horny housewife nice and wet and slips a couple of fingers inside her juicy pussy. There's no stopping Sadie now and she can't wait to get that cock back in her mouth before dropping her lips down to those big meaty balls and sucking on those as well. Billy can't believe just what a dirty slut he's found and when she uses her tongue to rim his arse he almost shoots his muck!
Fortunately for both of them he doesn't because Sadie is determined to settle her bill in one instalment and prepares to mount that cock....

Sapphire - Gallery 4Click here to sample this gallery
Contains - 77 images
featuring: Sapphire

A gallery featuring 77 images of the lovely Sapphire

Sadie - Video 3 Pt 1
Duration - 8:51 mins
featuring: Sadie

Billy Prodder (Internationally acclaimed plumber!) has just finished work at the home of Sadie and pops down to the living room to sort out payment.
This foxy blonde lady is very accommodating and offers Billy a cigarette and a glass of wine and it soon becomes apparent why. Her husband has left home that morning but forgotten to leave a cheque which which to pay the bill and has left this mature minx in a very awkward position. When Billy lets it be known he's not too happy, Sadie suggests that maybe they can come to some arrangement and asks Billy if he'd like "payment in kind", making sure she flashes lots of thigh and stocking top as she does so.
Never one to miss an opportunity, this randy plumber readily accepts this alternative form of renumeration and is soon getting his own pipework sorted out!....

Rachel Travers & Melody - Video 1 Pt 3
Duration - 6:44 mins
featuring: Melody, Rachel Travers

Wicked Rachel just can't resist teasing Melody as she picks up her Magic Wand and runs it over this poor young girls nipples.
Still securely fastened to the wall with both her wrists and anles tightly bound, she is unable to resist as her busty blonde tormentor lowers the vibrating toy down to the floor and after removing her black patent stiletto proceeds to rub it on the sole of her stockinged foot. There's only one place left to place the large vibrating head now and that's right on Melody's sensitive hard clit. Pressing it hard against her pussy Rachel soon has slave moaning and pulling against her restraints and decides it looks so good that she'll have a play herself.
Miss Travers isn't disappointed and after a few minutes she's soon sat in a large puddle of her own sticky juices....

Rachel Travers & Melody - Video 1 Pt 2Click here to play the trailer
Duration - 6:52 mins
featuring: Melody, Rachel Travers

With Melody securely restrained, Rachel puts her tongue to work on her helpless stockinged slut, licking and teasing her clit.
As much as Melody may have originally protested, this horny young bitch is secretly enjoying the attention being given to her and her breathing becomes deep and heavy as Miss Travers laps and sucks on her cunt. Picking up a big rubber cock, Rachel rubs it up and down Melody's pussy lips before replacing the cock with her fingers and slides them deep into her fuck hole.
This nyloned slave is soon dripping wet and her Mistress is only too happy to get her tongue back between her legs to taste those juices....

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