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Red - Video 10 Pt 3
Duration - 8:28 mins
featuring: Red

Sidney gets this stockinged strumpet bent over the bar with her nyloned legs spread nice and wide so he can work the dildo in and out of her pussy.
Babs moans and groans as this randy guy gives her fuckhole a good seeing to with the black rubber cock while using his hot wet tongue to tease her puckered little arsehole. He builds up speed until he's ramming the toy right up her cunt until he pulls it out and spreads her pussy lips to see how wet she is.
They decide to open a bottle of bubbly and after making their way back over to the leather settee, Babs once again spreads her legs so Sid can start fucking her with the big glass bottle. It doesn't take long before cunt juice is mixing with Bucks Fizz and squirting out all over them both!
Never one to waste a drink, Sidney laps up the exotic blend making sure he gets ever last drop from Babs pussy and bumhole....

Red - Video 10 Pt 2
Duration - 8:38 mins
featuring: Red

Sitting up on the counter, Babs is enjoying the attention she's getting from Sid who obviously has a love of seamed stockings wrapped around a shapely leg.
Slipping off one of Babs high heeled patent leather stilettos, he brings her moist nyloned foot up to his mouth and gently kisses and licks her toes through the sheer material. This lecherous lager lout doesn't stop there and he's soon got his fingers rammed up Babs shaven pussy before spreading her legs so he can taste those juices.
This horny barmaid is getting wetter and wetter as Sid sucks on her big firm tits before once again fingering and licking her cunt, even using his tongue to tease and rim her tight little bumhole....

Red - Video 10 Pt 1
Duration - 8:47 mins
featuring: Red

Barbara the barmaid is busy giving her counter and beer pumps a good wipe down as she gets ready to open the pub and greet her first customer.
Jiggling her big juggs, this horny wench can't open the counter hatch and has to climb over, exposing lots of her lovely stockinged legs in the process. Once in the customer area she gives the bar stool a good polishing and we get some fabulous upskirt shots of her seamed nylons and curvy bum cheeks. Never one to miss an opportunity, Babs makes herself comfy on the leather settee and spreading her legs wide starts rubbing and fingering her juicy cunt.
Suddenly realising it's time to open up the bar she cuts short her fun and finds pub regular Sidney waiting at the door. It doesn't take this lecherous old goat long to see what's been happening and he's more than happy to give this lusty tart a helping hand....

Red - Video 9 Pt 4
Duration - 6:20 mins
featuring: Red

Wearing his union flag underpants, Miss Jones is delighted to see that Mr.Prodder is flying the flag for England!
She soon has them around his ankles and gets to work with her hands stroking and teasing his cock. This seamed stockinged slut is no stranger to handling a dick and in no time at all she has it nice and hard as Prodder fingers her sopping wet pussy. Kneeling down on the floor she plays with her lovely big tits encouraging this horny Headmaster to spray them with his spunk.
Grabbing back hold of his cock she wanks him fast and hard and although he's got a load on his mind he's got an even bigger load in his balls and is soon shooting it all over her juicy juggs!....

Red - Video 9 Pt 3
Duration - 6:15 mins
featuring: Red

Miss Jones continues to get a good hard pounding with the big red toy as Mr.Prodder rams it faster and faster into her juicy cunt.
Laid back on the desk, this naughty teacher is loving the attention this randy Headmaster is paying her and even when he removes the toy she doesn't complain as he goes back to rimming her tight little bumhole while teasing her clit with his fingers.
Miss Jones decides it's time to play with a real cock and gets Prodder to drop his pants so she can get a closer look at his dick. As you can imagine he doesn't need asking twice and quickly has his trousers around his ankles....

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