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Sally - Video 17 Pt 3
Duration - 7:32 mins
featuring: Sally

This slutty stockinged housewife can't wait to get to grips with Dr.Prodders special temperature taking tool and soon takes matters in hand.
Kneeling up on the settee next to this naughty GP, Sally gives his cock a good hard wank before leaning forward and taking it in her mouth. She hungrily gobbles his dick and he in turn slides a hand around to her pussy and slips a few fingers inside her hot juicy cunt.
After moving down onto the floor and kneeling between the good Doctor's legs, Sally continues to use her mouth on his stiff cock, dropping her head down from time to time to lick and suck on his big heavy balls. Prodder can only take this for so long before he's emptying his spunk on his patients face and in her mouth....

Sally - Video 17 Pt 2
Duration - 9:44 mins
featuring: Sally

Dr.Prodder decides it's time to take Sally's treatment to the next level and gets her to lay back on the settee and spread her stocking clad legs nice and wide.
Reaching for the lube, he squeezes a generous amount onto his patient's pussy lips before inserting a flesh coloured dildo into Sally's hole and begins to probe deeper and deeper. To help this naughty wife to relax, Prodder rubs her clit before handing her a black vibrator to use in this area while he inserts a thick rubber cock into her juicy cunt to really open things up.
He soon realises that for maximum penetration he needs Sally to get on all fours and once she's in position he really pounds her fuckhole until she's moaning and groaning and well on the way to a cure for her problem pussy. It only remains for this randy GP to take Sally's temperature and he's only too happy to whip out his special organic thermometer....

Sally - Video 17 Pt 1
Duration - 7:03 mins
featuring: Sally

Having sorted out Sally's bedridden hubby, she asks Dr.Prodder to wait downstairs while she changes into something more respectable.
Once done, this blonde slut invites the doctor into her living room to discuss her own medical problem, namely an issue with her pussy. Always the helpful GP, Prodder decides to give Sally a thorough examination and sets about sticking his stethoscope in some very unusual places!
Getting the patient to lay back on the settee, this diligent chap explores every nook and cranny to get to the root of the problem. Once he's determined the cause he sets about administrating his own special cure which mainly involves him sucking her tits, licking her clit and fingering her juicy cunt...God bless the NHS!!

Sally - Video 16 Pt 3
Duration - 8:34 mins
featuring: Sally

Sally is wanking and sucking her husbands cock when she decides to give him an extra treat by squatting down on his face.
Straddling this stricken chap, this horny housewife positions her pussy over the head of her hubby who is only too happy to poke his tongue through a gap in his bandages to taste those sweet sticky juices. Leaning forward, Sally continues to stroke that stiff dick and realising that it's not far off exploding, makes herself comfortable next to hubby and uses her hands and mouth to empty this lucky guy's balls.
She reminds Dr.Prodder about her itchy pussy and suggests she makes herself a little more decent before he examines her and goes into the bathroom to get changed....

Sally - Video 16 Pt 2
Duration - 6:23 mins
featuring: Sally

Climbing astride her husbands legs, Sally sinks her pussy down onto his rigid cock and slowly begins to ride it.
Careful not to get him too excited too quickly both her and Dr.Prodder are very encouraged to see a further sign of recovery when this stricken hubby reaches up to play with his wife's titties. He then slips his hands around to her curvy bum cheeks and uses his mouth to suck on Sally's nice stiff nipples as she continues to fuck his dick. Deciding to reward his rapid recovery, this stockinged slut knows how much hubby loves nyloned feet and after climbing off his cock, shoves one foot between the bandages and into his mouth and uses her other one to tease his throbbing shaft.
In need of more fucking, this dutiful wife once again climbs back onto the cock only this time facing away from her husband which gives our randy GP just the excuse he needs to have a quick play with Sally's rock hard nipples....

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