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Sally - Video 15 Pt 3
Duration - 5:28 mins
featuring: Sally

This cheating housewife gets her bum cheeks well and truly spanked by her neighbours stiff dick, even getting her clit rubbed by his throbbing bell end.
He makes her turn around and gets her to tease her clit as he shoves his cock back in her mouth, holding her head as he works his shaft in deeper and deeper. Telling her to kneel on the floor, Charles wanks his hard rod as Sally sucks and licks on his heavy low hung balls, giving her a good taste of what's to cum!
When he feels the sap rising he gets this stockinged slut to open her mouth and shoots a bit thick load onto her tongue and all over her glossy pink lips. Luckily for this filthy milf, her neighbour seems very satisfied with her efforts and agrees to keep it all secret....

Sally - Video 15 Pt 2
Duration - 6:06 mins
featuring: Sally

This horny hosed tart leads her neighbour by the cock over to a chair, makes him comfortable, then kneels down on the floor so she continue playing.
She starts by using her hands to stroke his dick then lowers her fingers to play with his heavy balls as her mouth slides over his bell end and gradually down the shaft. Sally just loves a stiff cock in her mouth but takes time to lick and suck on Charles's balls before standing up and bending over so he can finger her sopping pussy while she continues giving him a good noshing.
However, Charles needs to teach this stockinged slut a lesson for leading his son astray and uses his stiff cock to give this milf's arse cheeks a damn good spanking which she loves!....

Sally - Video 15 Pt 1
Duration - 6:33 mins
featuring: Sally

We pick up where we left off last time with this naughty neighbour sticking his fingers and tongue into Sally's lower orifices!
Charles gets this mucky milf bent over the dining room table so he can lick her hot wet pussy and tight little bumhole, not forgetting to run his hands up and down her seamed stockinged legs. Slipping a couple of fingers into her creamy cunt, he tells Sally to rub her clit as he rams them in and out.
He takes out his cock and spanks her arse cheeks with it before getting her to turn around, take it in her mouth and give it a good sucking. This horny slut is only too happy to gobble his dick and keep herself out of trouble with his wife and her husband....

Sally - Video 14 Pt3
Duration - 7:49 mins
featuring: Sally

This randy neighbour has got Sally just where he wants her, on her back with her fully fashioned stockinged legs spread wide.
He flicks his tongue over her clit before slipping a couple of fingers into her creamy cunt and making her even wetter. He picks the red toy back up and shoves it in her pussy and her juices coat the shaft. This horny housewife needs something bigger and is soon taking a thicker rubber cock in her hot fuckhole. Getting on all fours, Charles continues giving Sally what she needs using his fingers in her pussy while rimming her tight little bumhole.
Keep a look out over the coming weeks for the conclusion to this illicit rendevous....

Sally - Video 14 Pt 2
Duration - 6:21 mins
featuring: Sally

Charles sits Sally down on a dining room chair and after removing her shoes lifts a nyloned foot up to his mouth to lick her stockinged toes.
He works his tongue between each one before lowering his face to lick down the seam on the sole of her foot. He then brings both Sally's feet to his hungry mouth and coats them in his saliva. This horny slut is enjoying the attention and even more so when Charles bends her over the table to rub her pussy through her purple panties. Pulling them to one side he fingers her moist cunt and it's not long before Sally passes him a big red dildo which he happily slips into her hole and starts to fuck her....

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