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Holly Kiss - Video 2 Pt 3
Duration - 8:55 mins
featuring: Holly Kiss

Mistress Holly hasn't finished with her slave yet but decides he's done a good enough job worshipping her feet to move to the next level.
Laying back on the settee she spreads her stocking clad legs and orders this pathetic little man to use his tongue to pleasure her pussy. He does exactly as he's told and soon has his hot greedy tongue wrapped around his Mistress's throbbing clit. He licks like a good boy then moves his tongue lower to rim Holly's bum hole. He know uses his fingers on her clit as he rims that arse and is then instructed to shove his fingers deep in Mistress's cunt and use them to fuck her.
When she's as satisfied as she's ever going to be with this obedient worm she tells him to pick up her vibrating wand and use it on her clit to make her cum....

Holly Kiss - Video 2 Pt 2
Duration - 7:53 mins
featuring: Holly Kiss

When Mistress Holly is satisfied with the way her slave has licked her pussy and arsehole, she turns around so he can pay attention to her tits.
Smothering his pathetic face into her cleavage she removes her juggs one at a time from her bra so he can then suck and chew on her nipples, making them nice and hard. Time for some foot worship now and Holly gets this worm to slowly remove her thigh length boots, so he can show his Mistress just how much he adores her stockinged legs and feet.
After removing the boots this slave is allowed to kiss and lick Holly's nylon clad toes as well as running his tongue up the seam on the sole of her foot. Not content with this she then shoves her foot deep into his mouth, making him gag, before getting him to lick all the way up the back of her leg while gently caressing her stockinged thighs....

Holly Kiss - Video 2 Pt 1
Duration - 8:03 mins
featuring: Holly Kiss

In her black fully fashioned stockings and thigh length red pvc boots, Mistress Holly has her cane at the ready as her slave crawls into view.
This pathetic little worm is on all fours which is just where this Mistress likes him to be and she spells out just excatly what she'll be expecting of him this afternoon. His first task is to lick her boots clean, starting along the sole then slowly working his way up the shiny material until he reaches the top where she kindly lets him lick her exposed stocking top. Not wanting this miserable wretch to get too excited, Mistress Holly orders her slave to pay the same attention to her other boot, once again starting at the heel.
Mistress is pleased with his progress and standing up she bends over and gets him to bury his face between her bum cheeks to lick her pussy and rim her arse....

Holly - Gallery 1
Contains - 76 images
featuring: Holly Kiss

A gallery featuring 76 images of the lovely Holly Kiss

Holly - Video 1 Pt 3
Duration - 7:56 mins
featuring: Holly Kiss

Holly has got you just where she wants you which is grovelling on the floor licking and sniffing her fully fashioned stockinged feet.
She feels the need to play with her clit and uses her hand to rub and tease the little throbbing button, taking time to open up her pussy lips to show you deep inside her moist tight cunt. It's not long before this mistress is slipping her fingers inside that hole and then putting them in her mouth to taste the juices.
Holly needs a cock, but not your pathetic excuse for a dick, so reaches for her pink ribbed toy and proceeds to satisfy her needs before telling you to fuck off and leave her alone....

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