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Shay Hendrix - Gallery 9
Contains - 83 images
featuring: Shay Hendrix

A gallery featuring 83 images of the lovely Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix - Gallery 8
Contains - 93 images
featuring: Shay Hendrix

A gallery featuring 93 images of the lovely Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix - Video 9 Pt 3
Duration - 5:21 mins
featuring: Shay Hendrix

It's time this slut earnt her keep and so our guy pulls down his zipper, gets out his cock and shoves it straight down her throat.
Grabbing hold of her hair he forces this bitch's head onto his fuckstick before taking it out of her hungry mouth and slapping her tongue with it. He makes her lick and suck his heavy spunk filled balls as he stands over her and then once again gets it back in her slutty little mouth.
He decides to have one last play with this whores pussy and arsehole, using his tongue and fingers in both, before making her suck and wank his cock until he shoots a warm sticky load right in her mouth....

Shay Hendrix - Video 9 Pt 2
Duration - 5:03 mins
featuring: Shay Hendrix

This stockinged slut continues to be used for our guys pleasure and after giving her tits a slapping and sucking, he lubes up a bigger toy and makes her lay back on the floor.
He rams it up her cunt and uses his other hand to rub her clit as this submissive bitch moans out loud. He replaces his fingers with a vibrator and shows this filthy whore no mercy as he pumps her pussy fast and deep with the rubber cock. He then replaces this with his fingers and when he hits her G spot this slut is writhing all over the carpet. Lifting her legs up and over, he then uses one hand to play with her clit while slipping a finger into her tight little arsehole....

Shay Hendrix - Video 9 Pt 1
Duration - 5:23 mins
featuring: Shay Hendrix

We decided to teach this young stockinged slut a lesson and after dressing her in seamed nylons, thigh length boots and a tight fitting girdle, we added a ball gag and blindfold for good measure.
With this bitch on the floor on all fours, our guy starts by spanking her arse cheeks and spreading her cunt nice and wide before slipping some fingers in and vigorously fucking her hole. It seems a shame to let her arsehole go to waste and he uses his tongue to lick it as he continues to pump her pussy. He then gets a dildo and after slapping her arse with it, rams it up her cunt and pounds that hole making her scream through the ball gag. When he places a vibrator on her clit, this slut just gets wetter and wetter....

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